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Teaching Assistant in England. Somewhat a workaholic. Somewhat lazy. I enjoy British weather as much as pudding.

How to Move Stuff From England to France

After one (school) year in England, I have lots of stuff here that would better be stored at my parents’ big house. This includes books, souvenirs, books again, archives, clothes that I don’t use anymore, and so on. To do so, I need two things: strong cardboard boxes, and a cheap delivery service. Guess what? I [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Immerse Yourself in the French Language

Immersing yourself in a language (and a culture!) is probably one of the best ways to progress in its acquisition. Here are five easy things you can do to immerse yourself in a foreign language (French, of course, but you can use these tips with any language). 1 – Switch your smartphone/iPad/computer to French Thank you [...]

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A Brand New Website for French Teachers and Learners

Here we are. My last project. You’re on it, already! A brand new website. For you, for me, for everybody. I was considering – for a long time – updating my old blog to share my teaching and learning resources with more people, including former and past students, colleagues, and other French assistants from all around the world. However, [...]

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